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The Black Stork

The black stork (Ciconia Nigra) belongs to the Ciconiidae species. Barely smaller but yet wilder than her cousin, the white stork, its life expectancy can reach 20 years. It mostly feeds on insects and amphibians. It can be found in Eurasia and in Africa; its natural habitat is old, deep forests near wet zones.

nests in France

Discovery of the first nest in France

couples estimed in France (2017)

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Groupe International des Experts de la Cigogne Noire (GIEOCN)

The International Group of Experts and Observers of the Black Stork (GIEOCN in French) was created by the environmental NGO “Forestiers du Monde”® in order to keep an update on Ciconia Nigra’s international activity in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Members of the GIEOCN are volunteers who freely accept to share any information they have about this protected species whose life cycle spans over three continents in a year.
It is accessible by these two links : and

Any observer or expert may present their facts after validation by the general administrator, M.Paul BROSSAULT, the Black Stork mission head for Forestiers du Monde®.

This website is also meant to keep records of all the monitoring data about Ciconia Nigra.

Forestiers du monde


The Forestiers du Monde organization was initiated by six forest rangers working for public and private companies who wanted to raise awareness about the crucial role of forests for the environment.



Forestiers du Monde aims at protecting the flora and fauna that, together, create a symbiosis contributing to a stable environment.

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